Cleardent - Tongue Cleaner 1 Pc

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The brush is smooth, but good at taking out the build up of fur as well as plaque on the tongue. The tongue is concave, created this particular cleanser to be convex this enables it to take out the fur around the whole tongue. These Tongue Cleaners are already created by us to easily get rid of the build up of fur around the tongue, and that is the primary reason for halitosis (bad breath). By dragging the top of the cleaner with the tongue, fur as well as plaque which has gathered in the indentations of the tongue is eliminated by the squeegee. The fan shape satisfies the tongue completely as well as the cleaner's neck is versatile therefore the tongue is cushioned. After use, you are able to effortlessly and quickly wash this particular item by managing it under water. When you take excellent care of the fresher, it is going to last a lifetime. The rear of the cleaner is produced from polypropylene. The brush as well as squeegee features safe and soft elastomer, assuring comfy tongue cleaning. The neck can also be produced from polypropylene. In order to lessen the usage of chemical substances, no color agents are utilized in the brush as well as squeegee. How you can use: Place it on the surface area of tongue and run it.

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