Alovivi - Purevivi Cleansing Balm 100G

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It's a brand new feeling cleaning balm that melts with low irritation prescription that's soothing to the skin of yours. Gently rub the skin of yours with a smooth structure, neat and eliminate the makeup. Functions of five (cleansing, horny care, massage, facial cleansing, treatment) in a single. Absolutely no scent, color, mineral oil free, alcohol free, non paraben, cationic energetic agent free. ten kinds of plant derived extract (moisture ingredients) developed. Aloe vera leaf extract, pearl seed extract, yuzu berry extract, apple berry extract, jujube berry extract, hawthorn extract, grapefruit berry extract, lemon juice, orange juice, lime juice. How you can use: Don't wet the hands of yours, take a suitable quantity (one spoonful of spatula) in hands. Get it on the palm of 1 hands and soften it with the opposite finger. When thirty seconds to one minute, make a group on the entire deal with and also ensure it is make up with a light touch. Rinse with lukewarm water or water up until the water turns into cloudy and white with running water. W Washing face is needless. Waterproof eye and mascara type could be hard to fall off of, therefore suggest utilizing the specific issue makeover remover. In case you're connecting extensions to eyelashes, stay away from staying away from all around the eyes. It might be very easy to get rid of with petroleum element. Just before use, apply after taking out the center lid. Turn the cap and eliminate it from the pot. Get rid of the internal lid connected to the cap from above. Reinstall the cap with the internal cap eliminated. Start it and also put it to use. Get rid of the spatula as it's snapped into the lid and make sure you use it.

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