Cosme Station - Kumano Virgins Coconut Massage Salt 280G

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Sleek fluffy facial particle salt wash lightly turns off of outdated horny epidermis of your skin. Clean the entire body perfectly with a micro bubbles while rubbing. Izumo Yumura warm spring water as well as Virgin coconut oil are utilized. It provides the skin moisture of yours and firmness, resulting in a fresh skin. Sweet scent of avocado reminiscent of southern nation, stylish bath time to moment. twelve types of plant extract (moisturizing) along with formulation. Shiny and moist skin. How you can use: Wet the skin of yours thoroughly. Require a suitable quantity as well as carefully rub the skin of yours with the palm of the hands of yours. Arm, etc, belly, legs, do the entire body. Rinse completely with hot water or water at the conclusion. Enjoy lots of fluffy sleek comfort upon utilizing lots of palm and gently stirring to include air.

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