Ipkn - Man Power Active Waterful Energy Mask 10Pcs 24G X 10Pcs

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The Man Power Active Waterful Energy Mask is perfect for exhausted, dehydrated skin, to increase hydration instantly. Formulated with Aquaxyl and Hyaluronic Acid, to stop skin from transepidermal moisture damage while building up skin barrier with a moisturizing level. Recharges skin along with brightening the skin tone of yours. To feature a hundred % eco friendly mask sheet created using rayon cloth. How you can use: one. Right after cleansing, prep the skin of yours with the All In One toner. two. Take out the sheet conceal and put it on your face. three. Get rid of the sheet after 10 20 minutes as well as carefully rub the remaining ampoule onto the skin of yours for greater absorption.

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