Anskin - Original Green Tea Modeling Mask (Refill) 240G 240G

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A modeling mask package for Skin that is sensitive, Trouble Skin Type and Rugged, skin that is flat. With Green Tea extract offers superb soothing advantage, Allantoin soothes skin with inflammation on account of UV rays as well as tightens pores, making skin gets healthy once again. How you can use: one. Refine skin structure with toner right after cleansing. Apply ampoule with the face as well as neck for greater results. two. Blend the modeling conceal powdered with h20 in the ratio of 1:0.8 in a mixing bowl or even a measuring cup. Blend them well. three. Next, use the combination to cheeks, chin, nose and forehead thickly. Spread the majority of the combination over your face. four. Hold back until it dries that requires roughly 15 25 minutes, take away the bunch from the bottom part part. five. Get rid of the remaining package with toner.

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