Etude House - Drawing Eyebrow Proof Gel Pencil #4 Red Brown 0.2G

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This's a gel pencil sort that won't clump and also allowed to bring softly and easily. It's a waterproof and extended lasting device, won't very easily meltdown under sweat and water. For inhaling the eyebrow exquisitely, the pencil is water drop shaped which often help you to bring much better from the rule to fill between the eyebrow. The water drop shaped smooth brush as well help generate the eyebrow much more neat and neat after drawing. With various substances which can nurture as well as hydrate the skin. How you can make use of: 1.Draw the form of the eyebrow as guideline. 2.Fill the area between the eyebrow from the start to the conclusion of eyebrow. 3.Use the conclusion portion of the pencil to complete the tail of the eyebrow. 4.Use the comb to complete the eyebrow by brush it on the eyebrow's growing guidance and DONE.

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