Mandom - Lucido Deodorant Cream 30G

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Unscented deodorant which doesn't defuse the scent. The blend of cream activated carbon which carefully adsorbs sebum and sweat, and that is the cause of odor, is adhered to by comfy clean skin. Since it's an impressive adhesion, direct painting style, it is going to stay on the skin of yours the whole day with no perspiring, and also the result will continue. The active ingredients bactericidal part as well as Antiperspirant part are combined with W. We regulate odor bacteria as well as sweat and stop odor for many years. Waki, of course, lotion kind which can likewise be worn for the toes. An enjoyable sensation of using with the mixture of grow flavonomics, rejuvenating ingredients menthol as well as green tea extract. Absolutely no other color as well as no scent. How you can use: Take a suitable quantity (one item of azuki) and put on a thin layer serotonin with the region of smell like toe or tow. Remember to make sure you cap after usage. After use, do clean the fingertips of yours cautiously with detergent etc. (It can become gray in case apparel are touched by you etc. with the product attached) Pack Size - 30g

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