Bison - Raquick Face Wash Wipe Sheet 50 Pcs

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Shorter and easier time with no velvet. Simply clean the face wash and also the product finishes. Neat although not much. Lightly clean off of sebum as well as dirt. eight additive free. Alcohol-free, surfactant free, oil-free. Silicone-free, no fragrance, Menthol free, paraben-free, absolutely no color. How you can use: Open the lid and take the internal band with the finger of yours. Make use of a thoroughly clean finger to remove a sheet and also lightly clean it all. Simply no importance to clean out. When working with cosmetics, take out with a detoxification fee. Take on skin that is dried out. After usage, close the lid securely to avoid drying out and also deterioration. The sheet doesn't dissolve in water. Don't get rid of into the bathroom or washroom.

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