Chantilly - Astraea V. Eye Beauty Fixer 8Ml - 2 Types

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Natural: Ideal for novices also, safe, quick drying, simple to work with. Apply cosmetics straight above glue. Transforms eyes to larger, deeper and brighter eyes. Water Proof: Even in case you cry, it will not fall. It's something that maintains a lovely two-fold eyelid of waterproof sort. It's superb adhesive power and can't be taken out entirely with no two-fold face washing. This's a skin friendly formula which has rosemary extract as well as chamomile extract with minimal irritating smell. How you can use: Remove makeup, dirt, and any oil from eyelids, and also use straight to cleanse all natural skin. Produce the desired crease on the top eyelid of yours working with the idea of the shaping stick, and lightly apply pressure around the line. Use a slim layer of Double Eye Liquid to the middle part of the preferred crease line. Let dry looking 2 3 minutes. Prior to the adhesive totally dries, carefully apply pressure across the preferred crease with the shaping stick. Hold in position, and gradually open the eyes of yours.

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