Ayura - Bicassa Force Serum 58G

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Concentrating on ASIMLITE, the stiffness of your skin which shows up on fluctuating skin. Luxuriously combined ball ball underneath the beam. It loosens loosely from the rear of your skin (the stratum corneum) and also produces a beam while keeping a smooth and clean look. You are able to really feel the red feeling as in case you are immediately relieved by the beauty rub. Takes out the lively and sharp expression of beauty. Chinese and japanese place three energetic intricate (Ginseng extract, Toki extract, Jujube extract, glycerin: moisturizing) Combination of rind epidermis extract (Chen skin extract, glycerin: moisturizing). Hari Saiko extract (Saiko extract, glycerin: moisturizing). The beam ball is a ball shaped capsule that contains the leaf saiko extract. How you can make use of: Use following evening as well as morning after making skin with lotion. Take aproximatelly two pearls (approx. 0.6g) on your spread as well as fingertips with the whole face to carefully rub.

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