Rinren - Remedial Shampoo Refill - 2 Types

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For a gentle, young, clean looking locks. 10 types of household plant derived elements formulated in domestic pearl extract and luxury address the head atmosphere. Give harikoshi and also result in your hair with smooth amount coming from the root. Refreshing scent of healthy domestically produced yuzu fusion. Recommended for individuals like this: The root is petan, there's simply no harikoshi, locks are very easy to obtain tangled. ten types of mixed household grow raw materials: Yuzu berry extract (from Tokushima prefecture), Yuzu peel oil (from Kochi prefecture), ginger root oil (from Kochi prefecture). Uji tea leaf extract (from Kyoto prefecture), plum berry extract (Wakayama) Made of prefecture), Yuzu seed oil (made from Kochi prefecture). Benefit container extract (Shiga prefecture, Kitajima Shuzo), rice bran extract (Shiga prefecture, Omi grain), Birch bark extract (produced from Nagano prefecture), Tsukasa leaf extract (from Okinawa prefecture). The greatest quality amino acid household pearl extract mixture. Sedentary ingredients: Sulfate (sulfate), silicone, mineral oil. Paraben, oil surfactant, synthetic coloring agent, synthetic fragrance, animal raw materials. How you can use: Take a suitable amount, affect the damp hair, massage and lather as you rub the scalp as well as hair. Suggest you utilize along with the rinren hair care collection. Package Size - 400ml

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