Jill Stuart - Relax Body Milk 250Ml

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Immediate penetration, as though melting into the skin of yours. Body dairy which spreads gently and creates fluids to the whole body of yours. Has very hydrating rose, orange as well as lavender honey, as well as abundantly hydrated star fresh fruit, Madonna lily, silk and peony. Offers a heightened sensation of translucency as well as moisture. Blends effortlessly with the skin of yours, featuring oils with superb emollient qualities. To cover the surface area of the skin of yours in an emollient veil securely seals in moisture, maintaining the skin of yours very soft as well as smooth right through up until the following morning. A style which shoots clear, pure white as the main color of its. The label is spread with a charming design of blossoms that are little and also highlights of the manufacturer color, yellow. The cap, with the motif reminiscent of its of a stone, additionally features a ribbon charm attached for the foundation of its. Fragrance of fragrant white floral bouquet. The best way to Use: Place a suitable quantity of the item and also distribute it evenly over the whole body of yours. Put the finger of yours on the protrusion on the front side of the cap and raise it immediately upward to start the service. Pack Size - 250ml

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