Dr.ci:labo - Labo Labo Super-Keana Lotion 200Ml

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Tighten skin pores while wiping off. Malic acid and lactic acid carefully peel the epidermis, eliminating roughness as well as outdated skin which result in the skin pores to open while supporting the turnover of the skin. four kinds of pore refining ingredients firm up open skin pores, making skin with pores which are hardly there. By taking out unnecessary keratinized skin and softening skin, this particular item raises the permeability of the gels as well as lotions used afterwards, making the consequences of skin solutions additional apparent. Additionally, this particular product has 200 % hyaluronic acid or collagen (compared to standard products), and also after wiping the item from, skin is left supple and dewy. A rejuvenating cooling sensation along with a subtle orange fragrance chill out the epidermis. This's a wipe off lotion which handles each pore challenges which includes darkened pores, sagging, and blackheads. A lotion with a relaxing finish which additionally moisturizes completely. How you can use: After cleansing, add sufficient to cotton, carefully clean the entire face while staying away from the eyes as well as lips.

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