Alface+ - Deep Black Aqua Moisture Sheet Mask 5 Pcs

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Immediately resolves drying with extremely penetrating amino acids and a comfy fit. This's a brand new generation sheet mask which is mild on the skin and enables you to feel the steep moisturizing penetration. Bamboo charcoal black colored sheet absorbs epidermis waste. An heart which fuses elastin and collagen dependent on amino acids to hydrate the skin of yours. For moisturizing, hydrating, and sticky epidermis. The black sheet with bamboo charcoal ingredients techniques pores which are worrisome, and it is abundant in hyaluronic acid and collagen. Extremely permeable hydrolyzed elastin for plump, supple skin. How you can use: After cleaning the face of yours, distribute the mask and allow it to be stick to the skin of yours. Use for aproximatelly 5 to 15 minutes based on the skin condition of yours. If you think the skin of yours is especially dry, put it to use for fifteen minutes. Right after taking out the mask, distribute the essence staying on the skin of yours with the whole face.

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