Kao - Liese Rinse Straight-Forward Foam 220Ml

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You don't require water neither dryer. Make use of a lot of bubbles making it directly in a stretch. Suppresses Pasatuki, Spread and Honey. Continue for a very long time without swelling returned. Feeling like a silk experience. Natural hydrating ingredients silk protein mixture. Aroma floral fragrance with tender transparency (slight smell). How you can make use of: Use with maintaining the box without shaking. If you press the pump, it is going to come out as bubbles. Repeat a couple of times replicate the hands for two to three push every day on the dried up hair, hair styling with hand gesture as well as brush. six to eight thrust is a standard for semi long hair use. Work with it for a lots of sleeping thing as well as thing that you would like to generate securely straight. It is able to likewise be worn for blow finish.

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