Kanebo - Freeplus Deep Pre Moist Essence 80Ml

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This's a booster serum which stops persistent dried out skin. Full of Chinese ginseng extract to moisturize, it encourages a gentle skin problem to enable easy penetration of the ideal lotion item of yours. It's likewise full of glycyrrhizin & licorice extract to cure sun damaged dried out skin along with other issues carefully. Full of six oriental plant extract complexes for hydration & niacin B for keratin safeguards to allow for the skin's screen feature, advertising good, healthy skin resistant to irritation. It's a gentle, rich, smooth and soft texture. Absolutely no paraben, without scent, absolutely no color, absolutely no alcoholic beverages (ethanol), without UV absorber, without mineral oil. Weakly acidic. How you can use: Press two times (aproximatelly 1ml). Right after cleaning the face of yours in the early morning as well as evening, media two times on the hand of yours and administer consistently over the whole experience. Right after employing, keep on the skincare regime of yours.

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