Karatsu Style - Birds Planning Tsubaki Savon Trial Set 15G

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TSUBAKI SAVON, contained an abundance of Tsubaki oil from Kakara Island. Kakarajima (Kakara Island) is found in Genkainada (The Sea of Genkai), aproximatelly four km north of northan many idea of the Higashi Matsuura Peninsula in Karatsu City, Saga Prefecture. Loads of healthy Tsubaki (camellias) are developing and Kakarajima is popular as Island of Tsubaki out of long long back. In February, the white Tsubaki flowers are blooming on Kakara island, and also the fruit are harvested in each and every autumn. Harvested Tsubaki fruit are dehydrated under sunlight in two - three times, and also by cool press (non heated squeezing procedure), the hundred clean natrual Tsubaki engine oil is extracted. thirty five % of TSUBAKI SAVON materials is Tsubaki (camellia) gas that is extracted around Kakara Island, which total is the same as the extracted oil from ninety parts of Tsubaki seed. Containing oleic acid luxuriously, so the soap's attractiveness extracts penetrate greatly into skin and also you are able to take pleasure in the smooth consistency after cleaning off.

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