Reise - Biocellulose Iron Mask 5 Pcs

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Biocellulose mask perfectly works egg corneal extract to skin. A brand new idea based on extremely moisturized citron drinking water rather than h2o. Additionally without actually one drop of h2o, barrier treatment, dip moisturizing doesn't stop with only one use, dried out good lines. Slack pores like ironed Intensive care face conceal. Additionally, a biocellulose sheet content produced from coconut, an all natural ingredient, can be used. Approximately 1/100 of the facial fibers of the locks. It adheres firmly with no gaps, and also each corner is reached by the serum. Together with the outstanding sealing impression. It maximizes the exceptional anti aging energy of the eggshell membrane. And removes all skin issues with one mixture of teeth whitening as well as lifting complicated extract. How you can make use of: Use after cleaning face and prior to utilizing lotion. Prior to removing the mask, carefully remove the serum out of the lightweight aluminum container upon the palm of the hand of yours and apply straight to the experience. As the quantity of serum is big, it's proposed to put it to use 2 or maybe 3 occasions, After software is finished, take away the mask sheet out of the lightweight aluminum container and clear away among the nonwoven garments. Arrange the eyes, nose, and lips with one another and press the whole face down while maintaining the sheet in close touch. Lightly remove the remaining non woven fabric and also help make the sheet adhere to the skin of yours. Get rid of the sheet after aproximatelly twenty minutes. Use product as well as milky lotion.

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