Shiseido - Benefique Theoty Cheek Fantasy Nuance Refill - 4 Types

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It's a cheek which enhances the rounding of smooth cheeks and also directs ornamental aura. Instantly provides a feeling of bloodiness, transparency and gloss, realizes gloss like lighting out of the interior of your skin. It spreads softly, it's simple to blur and shades don't get flat even when time goes by. It's a cheek whose gorgeous finish lasts. Fragrance of fruity floral. How you can use: Take a suitable quantity of teak in the puff, gently blend it together with the rear of the hand, glide the puff gently on the cheek and allow it to blend. By the position beneath the dark eyes, glide the puffs on the left as well as to bring a heart, you are able to recognize loved face. When placing the puff compactly, place the puff ribbon in the twelve o'clock job and shut the compact lid. Pack Size - 4g

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