Petunia Skincare - Blackhead Extractor & Acne Remover Kit Set Of 5

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This particular surgical quality system has 5 distinctive stainless programs to assist you in getting rid of acne, blackheads, zits, acne and whiteheads - preventing breakouts from returning. Each double looped device helps extract problems of any size while reducing scarring and also making it possible for skin to cure naturally. No squeezing, absolutely no scrunching up your face attempting to obtain all those hard-to-reach blemishes. Simply store the textured handle as well as generate a couple of easy swiping motions to cleanly and safely extract the blemish and you are all set - the remaining is done by the resources! Your brand new acne remedy system has 3 double looped comedone extractors, one surgical grade lancet (for whitehead sebum removal) and one angled extractor for difficult to attain areas. hundred % SURGICAL Stainless Our blemish comedone extractor equipment are developed with the best stainless steel and are designed to last. five VARIETY TOOLS five distinct higher quality extractors each focused on particularly taking out various sized and hard-to-reach toxins like blemishes, whiteheads, blackheads, & acne. TEXTURED HANDLES Simple to utilize and offers and anti slip grip for optimum comfort as well as accuracy when removing blemishes. Directions: Fully purify skin with water that is warm or maybe steam the skin of yours. Location the equipment with the blackhead as well as press lightly on one side, shifting the device across the affected region. The movement is quite much like spreading butter on bread. Once you do the blackhead removal, it's necessary you clean the skin of yours once more therefore the skin pores won't be infected. Clean the blackhead extractor in warm, soapy water to be able to disinfect the device.

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