Pdc - Cutura Kyutura N Milky Lotion Creamy Lotion 200Ml

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the skin of yours dries out and also roughens with the modifications of your body and skin. If perhaps you've this particular skin type, then this's for you. The KE 99 lactobacillus penetrates skin that is dried up right down to your skin pores. A frothy epidermis lotion for skin that is smooth. Right after using face product, lactobacillus ingredients penetrate in your pores for epidermis that is moist and gentle on the contact. It moistens as well as softens the skin of yours to perfection. Moreover , consists of whey extract as well as bifida ferment which support the skin of yours along side KE 99 lactobacillus. The 3 products work in concert to provide you with much more vivacious epidermis. Whey extract: A hydrating compound produced from whey on the top-layer of yogurt. It provides moisture and plumpness to become dry plus fatigued skin. Bifida ferment: A hydrating ingredient which supports the surroundings of the skin of yours. It creates stiff and dry epidermis to softness and liveliness. How you can use: After using face product, place a suitable quantity (about the dimensions of a dime) in the hands of yours in addition to carefully massage onto the face of yours.

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