Kyoto Komachi - Matcha Face Pack 100G

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Wash-out package with sleek green tea powder for skin that is smooth. A wash out style package which eliminates the dead skin and also eliminates grime from the skin pores while still enabling you to produce a face pack. Has good quality green tea actually leaves from Uji, Kyoto. Blends with hydrating plant extracts (Ouren Root Extract, Tea Leaves, Soybean Seed Extract) for radiant and bright skin. By massaging the lotion into the epidermis, sebum and outdated keratinous grime are adsorbed. Adzuki seeds adsorb the grime and wash out, leading to a smooth and clean skin. How you can use: After cleansing the skin of yours, clean off lightly with a bath towel. Require a suitable quantity (500 yen coin size) on the palm of yours and extend it consistently over the skin of yours. Next, go out of it for five to ten mins, after which wash off it all with water that is warm. If perhaps you massage your arms and neck before rinsing, it'll be scrubbing & sleek.

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