Leaf & Botanics - Hand Cream 65G - 2 Types

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Lavender: According to vegetable oil, developed with a hydrating component which replenishes moisture or shea butter which blends nicely with the skin of yours and also shields it. Wraps your fingertips and skin with no stickiness to avoid dryness, and pruning. Suggested before as well as after water work or perhaps prior to going to sleep. The distinct fragrance of lavender essential oil. Sake: Besides clean rice liquor as well as sake lees extract as hydrating ingredients, it has rice bran oil which provides skin softness. The skin friendly structure causes a slim film which protects skin as well as fingertips from becoming dry. How you can use: Take a suitable quantity over a thoroughly clean hand, and also put it on with the palm as well as rear of the palm following gently extending. Do not overlook claws and fingertips, and also between fingers.

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