Annies Way - Jelly Mask 40Ml - 8 Types

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Aloe+Seaweed Anti Acne Aloe revitalizes epidermis, seaweed settings oil. Skin is remaining with a visably healthier shine. Ideal for oily and sunburned skin. Arbutin + Hyaluronic Acid Brightening Whitening,moisturizing,minimizes okay line,leaves skin radiantly excellent. Lavender Relaxing Lavender smoothes your skin,relieves anxiety as well as relaxs. Charcoal + Vit C Anti Oil Effectively controls deep cleansing and engine oil and whitening the peel. Triple Roses Essence Supreme Red roses to soften as well as nourish; black colored roses to fix as well as regenerate. White roses to whiten as well as lighten; rose drinking water to sooth epidermis. Saccharide Isomerate to maintain skin hydrated; Algae Extract for durable moisturization; The organic formulation can help charge the skin's more youthful radiance. Honey Deep Moisturizing Honey is an all natural beauty ingredient which nourishes and profoundly moisturizes the skin of yours. Salt hyaluronate keeps skin moisturized during the day; Lecithin fights the impacts of aging Honey extract offers serious moisturization. Q10 Anti Aging Gives the skin of yours a youthful,toned,luminous also flawlessly radiant appearance. Calendula Softening Calendula essence may efficiently moisture, soften and lower skin discomfort. Charcoal + Vit C Anti Oil Effectively controls deep cleansing and engine oil and whitening the peel. How you can use: After cleansing the facial skin, use toner as base. You must stay away from using skincare products that have acid or perhaps petroleum compounds. Make use of a spatula to use Jelly Mask consistently roughly 0.3 0.5cm heavy. After 15 30 minutes, take out the Jelly Mask, softened acne as well as blackheads by scraping gently. For greatly impacted places like the bridge as well as sides of the nose, repeat mild scraping. Right after scraping is done, clean off of residue with tissue papers. Rinse with clean water. Recommend using a portion of paper mask or even adding a moisturizer. Apply two times a week, and as needed.

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