Karatsu Style - Gracefarm Hakubi No Shizuku Facial Soap 100G

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Gentle detergent HAKUBI NO SHIZUKU by Gracefarm, coming from Karatsu City, Japan. The fluffy foam washes set up the skin of yours carefully. The soap luxuriously containins an abundance of polysaccharide extracted from cream chestnut HAKUBIDAKE. HAKUBI NO SHIZUKU is a face cleaning soap that is resilient and soft with round styles. In comparison to regular bar soaps, this bouncy and soft design makes the soap is able to include lots of moisturizing ingredients, like polysaccharide, Hyaluronic Acid, Fucoidan, Collagen etc. How you can make use of: At the start of use, make sure you have a soap from the balloon container. Create foam well and place the foam on your clothes and face lightly.

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