Kracie - Hadabisei 3D Face Mask 4 Pcs - 3 Types

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Moisturizing: 3 dimensional anti aging moisurizing skin conceal match in your skin curve well. It actually works sides of nose & wrapsthe whole face carefully. So heart absorbs into skin properly. Skincare milky heart permeates into skin, giving it soft and translucent. Nano-size specks in the heart is able to achieve every inch of the facial skin of yours with no oily feeling. Likewise has Fruit acid (Lemon extract) to soften kelatin, thus dampness is absorbed into skin much more effetively. Brightening: A 3D mask with good adhesion which fits to problems of the facial skin, a sheet mask which can recognize a top hydrating impact with a focused jelly essence. Extremely pure vitamin C combined aging treatment whitening. On the bright white-colored floors filled with moisture. Great Suppleness: A sheet conceal which results in skin that is gentle such as a lifeless, hygienic, hyaluronic acid blending. Hydrating portion penetrates hyaluronic acid permeates strong into the stratum corneum. Berry acid (lemon extract) softens the keratin of the epidermis surface area, moisturizing ingredients penetrate completely in to the deep levels of the stratum corneum. Implemented a three dimensional condition sheet (3D mask) to securely confine as well as penetrate the ingredients. How you can use: After thoroughly cleaning the face of yours thoroughly, prepare the skin of yours with lotion. Get rid of the mask, spread it on the left as well as right with the protruding portion, and also allow it to be a three dimensional design. Attaching to the forehead cognizant of the situation of the eyes. Take towards the left as well as right, arrange the eyes. By the nose into the cheek, remove air and also carry it into good contact. Arrange the mouth area as well as face together, and take it in place while taking way up. Peel off of the mask from five to fifteen minutes as it's. Approximately twenty minutes in case you're far more worried about drying out the skin of yours. Allow it to blend the heart which stayed in the facial skin of yours when you duped by hand. Pack Size - four pcs

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